Why Good Gravy Doesn’t Run

My mom always used to say: in the end, it’s all about the gravy. Now I am sure my dad, who did the grilling, would disagree. But I think there might be more to my mom’s remark than just shameless self promotion.

Let’s put it this way: if my dad screwed up with his grilling (he usually had more than a few beers by then), my mom’s gravy would make the charred meat still taste great.

And that is why I chose to build this site. You can make or break a meal with the gravy. And I prefer to make it.

So we’ll dive right into the meat (gravy) of it.

How thick should it be?

That depends on how good you are, and what you will be eating. But generally you want your gravy to be as thick as possible.

Good gravy doesn’t run away!

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